What is a shrink wrap and how it efficiently wraps the boats?

  • Shrink wrapping your boats adds an extra layer of protection to keep the moisture, pests, and damaging winds or storms away from your boat’s interior as well as exterior. The shrink wrap is nothing but a polyethylene plastic, when properly installed shrinks tight around an object that creates a protective waterproof barrier which will hold snow and ice away from the boat.

  • Thus shrink wrap keeps the boat very clean by the tight cover around your boat and allow very little dust or any dirt in. We offer shrink wraps in a vast range of sizes and thickness depending on the required application, its exposure duration to different elements and the amount of durability. This shrink wrap is mainly used in winter season to shelter the boat in storage or on the lift.

  • In order to perform shrink wrapping we prep the boat to accept a support structure made with support poles and strapping lines that are tied from bow to stern and port to starboard. Then a series of support lines are carefully suspended from the deck of boat. These support lines ultimately support belly line that runs 360 degrees around the boat’s hull. This add a strong layer of armor.

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    Once this structure is complete, a single piece of plastic is cut and wrapped over the boat and finally secured to the belly line. The plastic is then sealed and heat welded together to create a snug fit around the top and sides of the boat. The plastic then gets tied down tight and completely heated to make it shrink to the boat. The last step is to ventilate the boat and tweak the wrap such as taping up any holes.

Why boats are required to be shrink wrapped during winter season?

We offer shrink wraps which is a polyethylene with UV inhibitors and is formulated to shrink when heated to create a seal that is much tighter. This seal effectively keeps the weather out of your boat and prevents stretching, tearing tarps. The boats are needed to be shrink wrapped since winter can harm the outside of the boat. Hence we offer shrink wrapping for your boats that add a layer of armor for your boat’s protection. Our shrink wrap when properly installed can last for several years and provide waterproof, hassle free protection to your valuables, and shrink wrap with UV inhibitors can save your valuables from unnecessary damage from UV light. Any size boat from a jet ski to your largest yachts can be shrink wrapped at their location. While winter layup lists can run to several pages and take a month of Sundays to complete, many of those lists include maintenance and cosmetic items that, while nice, don’t make it any more likely your boat will get through the winter unscathed. Even if we have the best of intentions in September when we put together our fall work list for the boat, life tends to get in the way, and all too often we find ourselves rushing to the boat the weekend before a hard freeze is forecast. At that point, all we have time for are the essentials that will protect our boat from damage.

Boat winterization for boat safeguard against low temperatures

Winterizing your boat takes from an hour to a day. We winterize your boat engine for a few weeks in order to minimize the chances of sudden freeze.

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We winterize your boat engine for a few weeks in order to minimize the chances of sudden freeze. We winterize boat engines by adding fuel stabilizer and ethanol treatment to fuel. We service lower unit to ensure that it do not contain any contaminants like water, metal. We change the lower unit lubricant, remove the propeller and re-grease the shaft followed by rear oil seal inspection. Winterizing your boat means draining any water aboard or replacing it with perfect kind of antifreeze for offering the protection of boats against the lowest temperatures. During winter fresh water expands in volume as it freezes which will push boat outwards with a greater force. This expansion can crack engine block, split hoses, damage fiberglass or destroy refrigeration system.

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Repairing freeze damage takes longer to finish and involves a complete engine replacement. Hence winterizing your boat is the best option. If your propeller needs to be reconditioned, additional charge must be paid. If reconditioning is recommended after inspection, you will be contacted with an estimate so that you can decide either recondition or replace the propeller. Due to electrolysis, we will inspect and replace oxidized zincs as necessary. On all digital engines, we will run a diagnostic check along with computer diagnostic system and change all filters and spark plugs. Shrink wrapping can enable you to cost effectively heat a job site so the trades can continue to work. You can pour concrete in the dead of winter and stay on schedule.

Have you been seeking to protect your deck boats from environmental obstacles? Well, call us today for shrink wrapping your boats.


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  • The shrink wrapped boats and Machinery are highly protective. The shrink wrapping service which I got from your company was the best service ever. Mark John

  • Shrink wrapping works great for storage. You have used UV stable plastic so that the plastic could withstand harmful UV rays. John Willson

  • It is ideal for items being transported by road or sea. You showed up on time and took care of my boat as promised. Steepan Gatering

  • Exact affordable service. After your workman’s service my boat ran great all year without any disparities. Jeno Serlin